My Grandpa's teeth fell out

A couple of weeks ago my Grammy's husband, Grandpa, had a stroke and was checked into the hospital. He's alive/well and back home recovering. While he was in the hospital Tyler and I paid a visit. A few other family members were there when we arrived (my uncle, aunt, and Grammy). In between catching up and nurse questionnaires, Grandpa wanted to pop his dentures back in. I'd like to point out that I didn't actually know that Grandpa had dentures so I was really surprised when we walked in and saw him on the hospital bed with a very sunken-in face looking a whole lot like death. Anyways, he wanted to put his teeth back in but his stroke left him very weak and he wasn't able to do it on his own. Grammy began helping, but putting someone else's teeth into their mouth isn't as easy as it sounds so she was struggling. The teeth were semi-suction-cupped into his gums sideways, upside down, and the other sideways. Grammy eventually stopped and Grandpa's teeth had never looked better, and by better I mean they looked like those 25 cent hillbilly teeth you get at a novelty store. Ouch, sorry, Grandpa. And remember that while this is happening my uncle, aunt, Tyler, and I were still in the room and of course we were all watching and probably making weird faces not knowing if it was rude to watch or look away. Eventually, the nurse came back, washed Grandpa's teeth, and gave him back his perfect smile.