The full lyrics and song name from Andrew Jackson Jihad are “No more  shame, no more fear, no more dread”, but I drew the flowers and frame first and didn’t have room. I usually have lyrics in mind before I start a piece so I was stumped on what to write. I opened up Spotify and this was what I had listened to last which reminded me of how these were the lyrics I planned on writing next.
 Originally this piece was inspired by the KEXP version of “Never In My  Wildest Dreams” by Dan Auerbach (Easy Eye Sound Revue), but I checked  out their NPR Tiny Desk session and was surprised how well that  performance matched the art I had already illustrated based off of the  KEXP video. Spooky! The stars, the blues, all of it coincidentally went  together. A favorite song of mine from his new album ‘Waiting On A Song’  is “Never In My Wildest Dreams”, I feel very fortunate that I’m able to  relate through the love I share with my partner.
 ‘Bubblin’ from Anderson Paak is a song I always play twice, if not just  on repeat. The music video is so so so great and easily a top favorite
 Oooof. How grateful am I for Lizzo. I recommend any of her music to any person who’s struggling with self doubt and confidence. This music will build you right back up to the amazing person we all know you are
 From the Apple commercial featuring FKA Twigs dancing to Anderson Paak's song. 
 Lyrics from Tank And The Bangas’ song ‘Quick’. Images and color inspo screen grabbed from their celebratory performance as NPR’S 2017 Tiny Desk winners. Their storytelling, energy, and absolute love for music is amazing. 
 Lyrics from Lake Street Dive's new single 'Good Kisser'. The song's build up is explosive and gives ya' chills. Images are screen grabs from a live-performance video. 
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