My name is Laurel Fisher

I’m a small business owner with a focus on sustainability. I make a huge effort to ensure the products I produce have little effect on our planet while remaining creative and true-to-self.


My brand name is Moral Laurel

Moral Laurel was born out of the idea to create fun and honest work through illustration and design. This site is dedicated to both of my passions: hand-painted up-cycled goods and freelance graphic design. I’m based out of Seattle WA, and my hope is to have a positive impact on my community.



The bottom line is that Laurel and her work are awesome! She did the artwork for my book cover and totally nailed the concept my writing partner and I were going for. Not only is she extremely artistically talented, but she also has the ability to LISTEN to what the client wants and even make it better. She is prompt, made every deadline, and is scarily organized. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an artist who can effectively communicate what you are trying to depict.

– Beth Lauderdale co-author of The Girl in the Blue Tie-Dye Shirt

Laurel's attentiveness to creative details is second to none! Rather than focusing on what we wanted our logo to look like, Laurel focused on learning about our brand and what Cedar Apparel stands for. The result was a visual representation of what our brand is at its very core. Laurel remained open to suggestions, but we really didn't need to give her any! We couldn't be happier with our logo and Laurel's expedient work!

– Hunter Clark Owner of Cedar Apparel